Setting Goals & Accomplishments in 15Five

Now you can set forward-facing goals in 15Five as well as report on your accomplishments. With Goals, you can write out your short term goals to keep them top of mind -- and check them off when they have been reached!

Goals & Accomplishments makes 15Five an easy way to hold yourself accountable and feel progress on a daily basis. Use it as your work journal.

You can turn on Goals by going to Company settings.  Then click on your left hand navigation Features to customize Goal settings for your team and customize the question you want to ask.

The very first time you use Goals, you’ll answer an additional question at the top of your 15Five: ‘What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next report?’. List them out and submit your report as usual.

During your next reporting period, you’ll see your previous goals listed at the top of your 15Five. You can reference this list through the course of the week to remind yourself of your priorities and keep you focused. Anytime you complete a goal, check the circle to the left to mark it finished.

If any goals remain uncompleted at the time of submission, you can mark them as such by toggling through to (X).  You can also move unfinished goals into next week’s report to give yourself more time. Just click the ‘cycle’ icon next to that item.

There’s also space for additional accomplishments where you can list the things you’re proud of finishing (but hadn’t planned for). Simply click “Add More Accomplishments...”

You can make comments, mark for follow-up, mention others and have conversations around your goals -- just the same as any other question in 15Five. (For more information about tagging other users with @mentions, check out this tutorial)

Remember that the application will automatically save any additions made to your 15Five, even if you don’t submit it right away. Visit it daily and keep things updated little-by-little.