Adding New Users

Now that you're set up on 15Five, you'll need to add other users so you can start setting up reports and getting feedback from your team.
To add a new user take the following steps:

Click 'Manage people'
Select the 'Add People' from the upper right pulldown menu
Set-up a new user profile and send an invitation to join.

Enter the information for your new user. You will also set their Group, Reviewer, and Due Date. You'll notice the autofill feature helps you to choose the appropriate group.

After you have completed the form, you can customize the message your user will receive in their inbox. When you are finished, click "Save" or "Save and Add Another". A set-up email will be sent to your team member. 

Invite Someone Through the Team 15Fives Tab

Another way that you can invite your team is through the Team 15Fives tab. 

Need to send multiple invites at once for a large team?

Try our  bulk importer and get your team setup quickly.