Can members of one group view reports from another?

Yes! Report view settings are entirely customizable, so you can choose exactly who sees who's reports. Or you can select Group permissions such as Peer View or Drilldown to enable sharing among team members.

Here's a quick primer on the types of permissible viewers:


Your Reviewer is the person who is assigned with the task of reviewing your reports on a regular basis. They are generally your supervisor, or the person who moderates feedback for your team.
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Peer Viewer

Your coworkers can also see your reports IF they are granted access through Group settings. This is called "Peer View", and it's more of a forum style structure that allows all individuals within a certain group to view each other's reports.
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Request to View

Other users can also request to view your reports, regardless of their grouping or position within the company. This is called "Viewing", and requires your permission before reports will be shared.
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