How do I set up vacation or holiday time

Any time you are ready to take a vacation, 15Five is here to help! We have a new tool in our application that allows you to set up the week you are going to be out so that reports can be postponed until you return. Even better yet, you will not be marked late on a report, so enjoy your break! If you are a Reviewer and you mark yourself on vacation your team will still be prompted to submit their 15Fives.

Simply login and click on your picture >> Edit Profile >> My Account
Click on the Vacation tab and set your date

Need to set a company-wide vacation?

Want to give your whole team a break for the holiday?  Or just have a week where you want the team to not have to complete their 15Five reports?  Use our Company-wide Vacation setting.

Click on Manage Company in your top right navigation
Then click on Company in your left side menu
Click on Vacation and then set the weeks you want your team to be off