November 2022 - 15Five releases

Enable Demographic Attributes in-app

We added a new "Demographic Attributes" toggle that allows HR Admins to enable demographic attributes in 15Five. Enabling demographic attributes (Birth date, Ethnicity, Gender, Race, & Salary) allows HR Admins to report on key employee trends in 15Five through the lens of their workforce’s demographics. Released 11/29/22.

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Calibrations 2.0

Calibrations in 15Five performance reviews enable customers to visualize the distribution of review ratings across different managers and easily adjust those ratings in real-time. With calibrations 2.0, we've introduced several powerful improvements, most notably...

  • We added the talent matrix to calibration sessions, along with drag & drop functionality— making it easy to visualize and change manager review answers.
  • We added the ability to calibrate review sections other than the Private Manager Assessment. Now you can include Company Values, Competencies, and Objectives in calibration sessions.
  • We added the ability to flag participants, making it easy to collaborate on who needs further discussion, or whose results have already been calibrated.

Check out a full list of product changes in the video below, or read about the new experience in our blog and Help Center. Happy review season! Released 11/28/22.

Walkthrough video 🎥: Product Update: Calibrations 2.0 (4 min)
Blog post ✍️: Ensure Fairness and Consistency During Performance Reviews with Calibrations (6 min read)
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Multiple sessions can now be scheduled for a coaching subscription

After an admin assigns a coaching subscription that contains multiple sessions, the scheduler can now schedule all sessions, including future sessions, within that subscription. Released 11/21/22.

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Manager accelerator questions added to our Question Bank

Managers and Admins can now ask Manager Accelerator questions using the newly created Manager Accelerator category within the Check-ins question bank. Released 11/7/22.

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New product add-on email notification

We added a new email that notifies account admins when products they’ve added to their contract, including Transform courses, coaching sessions, and briefings, are ready to redeem. Released 11/2/22.

Add pronouns and preferred first name to user profiles

Employees can now add their preferred first name and pronouns in their account settings. If a preferred first name is set, that name will appear throughout 15Five instead of their first name. An employee's pronouns will also appear on their profile page. Released 11/1/22.

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