Use the 15Five Setup Guide



Only account admins can access the Setup Guide.

Once your company converts from a trial to a paid account, account admins can use the Setup Guide to help them set 15Five up for your company.

In this article, you will learn...

Access the Setup Guide

To open the Setup Guide, click on Setup Guide at the top of 15Five's main, left-hand navigation bar.

Click into a task to open an explanation of the task, as well as links to related resources.

What's included in the Setup Guide?

This guide contains instructions to set up your account and guidance to set up each feature included in your plan. You’ll find additional resources on the right-hand side, such as a link to live trainings and a rollout video series that walks through account setup (in case video is more your learning style!).

Don't see the Setup Guide in your account?

If you're an account admin and don't see the Setup Guide page in your account, please reach out to 15Five's Support Team by emailing and asking them to enable Setup Guide in your account. They will make it happen!

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