Use the 15Five Setup Guide

👥 Only account admins can access the Setup Guide.

The 15Five Setup Guide is a walkthrough experience designed to help companies activate with 15Five and experience value right after converting from a trial to a paid account. In-app guidance provides step-by-step instructions that account admins can utilize to to set up their accounts and roll out features. This guide is tailored to help admins achieve their top outcomes faster and facilitate a seamless rollout. Let's dive in!

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Access the Setup Guide

The Setup Guide contains instructions to set up your account and guidance on how to set up each feature included in your plan. You’ll find additional resources on the right-hand side, such as a link to live trainings and a rollout video series that walks through account setup (in case video is more your learning style!). Follow the steps below to access the Setup Guide.



The Setup Guide targets will be visible to account admins when their company converts from a trial account to a paid 15Five account. If you don't meet this criteria and want to use the Setup Guide, please reach out to our Support Team and ask them to enable the Setup Guide in your company's account.

  1. Click on Setup Guide at the top of 15Five's main, left-hand navigation bar.
  2. You're now on the 'Setup Guide' page. The guide is intended to be completed from top to bottom, and only contains information relevant to the 15Five plan your organization purchased.
  3. Click into a task to open a drawer containing an explanation of the task, as well as links to related resources.
  4. Other helpful resources can be accessed in the "Additional resources" box to the right of the Setup Guide.

Don't see the Setup Guide in your account?

If you're an account admin and don't see the Setup Guide page in your account, please reach out to 15Five's Support Team by emailing and ask them to enable Setup Guide in your account. They will make it happen!

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