December 2022 - 15Five releases

Draft question templates

Feature: Best-Self Review®

We added a new section to the Question templates called 'Draft question templates' that houses all question templates that review admins started to create, but didn't finish. Review admins can click on any of those question templates and jump back into editing it from the point they left off. Released 12/29/22.

Help Center article 💡: Create, edit, and manage question templates

Run review cycles based on hire date

Feature: Best-Self Review®

We added the ability to include or exclude review cycle participants based on hire date. With this release, it will now be possible for review admins to create a review cycle for people who, for example, belong the group Engineering and were hired between Aug 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022. Released 12/28/22.

Help Center article 💡: Run a review cycle based on hire date

Optional manager review questions in calibration sessions

Feature: Best-Self Review®

In the past, any optional questions that weren't answered by managers in a review cycle weren't included in calibration sessions, leading to inconsistencies in some performance ratings calculations. Now, it's possible for calibration contributors to calibration optional questions skipped by a manager or additional manager. If a manager didn't provide an answer to an optional question, the question will show as "No answer" in the calibration table. Released 12/27/22.

Help Center article 💡: Hold a calibration session

Limited release: Manager Accelerator participants can track their course progress in 15Five

Feature: Training & Coaching

We added a new page for Manager Accelerator coaching participants that are using our recommended learning journey. This will allow them to see the courses they should be working on and track their progress in 15Five. Released 12/21/22.

Help Center article 💡: Limited release: track Manager Accelerator course progress in 15Five

Reorder sections in Best-Self Review® question templates

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Up until now, the order of question sections( Growth & development, Company values, Competencies, Objectives, and Private manager assessment) in a question template wasn't customizable. With this release, review admins can drag and drop sections in a question template to change their order. Released 12/16/22.

Help Center article 💡: Create, edit, and manage question templates

Simplified assignment flow for Manager Accelerator subscriptions

Feature: Training & Coaching

We reduced the number of steps it takes for admins to assign the Manager Accelerator course to coaching participants. Released 12/15/22.

Help Center article 💡: Assign seats for Manager Accelerator

Early Adopter release: Campaign Targeting

Feature: Engage

Admins in 15Five's Engage platform now have the ability to curate a list of campaign targets during campaign setup based on group/attribute membership, as well as the ability to view targeted campaign/survey results. 

If you want to be an early adopter for this release, please reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager or 15Five's Support Team at Released 12/13/22.

Calibration session setup for upcoming cycles

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Review admins can now create calibration sessions for upcoming review cycles, rather than having to wait for a cycle to kick off. Released 12/13/22.

Help Center article 💡: Create a calibration session

Participants in active calibration sessions now included in downloads

Feature: Best-Self Review®

In the past, the calibration download in Best-Self Review® results only contained participants from locked calibration sessions. Now, calibration downloads include all participants— both from active and locked calibration sessions. We also changed the download so that it excludes sections that aren't being calibrated. Released 12/9/22.

A cohort name can now be added to group coaching subscriptions

Feature: Training & Coaching

When admins are assigning participants to a group coaching subscription, they are often thinking about the group as a cohort of people. As admins and facilitators manage sessions, it can be difficult to track who is participating in the session based on just the participant names. With that in mind, we added the option to include a cohort name when assigning a coaching subscription to a group of people. The cohort name will display in the Participants column on the Sessions list. Hovering on the cohort name will display the names of the participants in the cohort. Released 12/8/22.

Help Center article 💡: Assign a coaching session

Android version 2.13

Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused duplicate Check-in periods to appear on the Check-in submissions page. Released 12/8/22.

Help Center article💡: Download the 15Five Android app

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