January 2023 - 15Five releases

New access to historic bulk import uploads

Feature: Manage people

We added the ability for account admins to download files previously uploaded on the bulk import page. Files will only be available for 7 days post-import. Released 1/31/23.

Help Center article 💡: Bulk import or update people

Create custom descriptions for question template sections

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Review admins can now create custom descriptions for sections in Best-Self Review® question templates. Released 1/30/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create, edit, or delete a question template

Generic Pulse question

Feature: Check-ins

We changed the Pulse question that appears in Check-ins from "How did you feel at work this week?" to "How did you feel at work since your last Check-in?". This change makes the Pulse question more relevant to folks who fill out Check-ins on a bi-weekly or monthly cadence, rather than a weekly cadence. Released 1/27/23.

Help Center article 💡: Manage Pulse feature settings

Performance ratings: explained

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Review admins and cycle collaborators can now access a reporting dashboard that allows them to see the math behind how a review cycle participant's performance rating was calculated. Released 1/23/23.

Help Center article 💡: View a person's performance rating

Limited release: Demographic insights in review reporting

Feature: Best-Self Review®

HR admins can now filter company review results by their demographic data (including Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age, and Tenure) to uncover any potential areas that might need a closer look. This allows HR Teams to approach the subject objectively, with a data-driven approach, and save hours from manually cross comparing data. Released 1/13/23.

Help Center article 💡: Filter review results by demographic attributes

Combine any review types in a review cycle

Feature: Best-Self Review®

There are four types of reviews that can be included in a Best-Self Review® cycle: self, manager, upward, and peer. In the past, we supported all combinations of these four review types except: Peer + Upward and Upward only. With this release, it's possible to create Peer + Upward and Upward only review cycles. Released 1/13/23.

Share feedback with your colleagues

Feature: Feedback

We made it possible to share feedback with your colleagues and their managers within our Feedback feature. In the past, it was only possible to request feedback from others. Released 1/5/23.

Help Center article 💡: Share feedback with a colleague

Transform Group Type and Groups

Feature: Coaching & training

When an organization purchases Manager Accelerator coaching from 15Five, we now automatically create groups for participant cohorts under the 'Manager Accelerators' group type. This allows HR Admins to track and monitor 15Five data, engagement, and performance of Managers participating in a learning journey, as well as create specific Check-ins questions for those groups. Coaching participants are automatically grouped and HR admins do not need to manually update the groups if changes are made to them. Released 1/4/23.

iOS version 3.8.1

Fixes: The Pulse dashboard no longer has a limit on results. We fixed a freeze in the swipe-to-type function that prevented users from using the app. While filling out your Check-in, you can now link Objectives to Priorities. Released 1/2/23.

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