February 2023 - 15Five releases

Android version 2.14.0

Feature: Mobile

Improvements: Managers no longer need to use the tabs or swipe to get to the next section when reviewing their direct reports’ Check-ins— instead, they can simply scroll down the page to navigate through the sections and review the Check-in faster. The 'My Team' screen now allows managers to view their team’s hierarchy, supporting executives and managers on the go. With this small improvement, managers can easily drill down into different structures and hierarchies to read the most important Check-ins. This build also contains the new GDPR acceptance modal view for customers who haven’t yet accepted it from iOS or web.

Bug fixes: Values hashtags are now cached. We resolved a bug that caused the app to crash when pressing the Review button on the the Unreviewed Check-ins screen.

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Anytime Feedback is now available in resources for Best-Self Review®

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Review writers in a Best-Self Review® cycle will now see a new 'Feedback' option in the "Resources for reviews" box. This section displays all feedback that the subject of the review has received and that the review writer has permission to view.

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Ability to edit text questions after calibrations

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Prior to this release, it wasn't possible for managers to edit text questions once their manager review was involved in a calibration session. Now, managers can edit text questions in their manager reviews after calibration sessions take place. Released 2/23/23.

Help Center article 💡: Write or edit a review in a review cycle

Create custom tracks for Manager Accelerator Online

Feature: Training & Coaching

Admins can create custom tracks for Manager Accelerator participants. Creating custom tracks allows admins to select which topics they want participants to complete and the order they want participants to complete topics in. Once a custom track is created, admins can assign the track to different learning journeys so cohorts of participants can go through the track.

Custom tracks can be more focused on specific topics or designed to match milestones within your organization— making it easier for you to align learning with your company's outcomes. Released 2/23/23.

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Engagement campaign targeting

Feature: Engage

Engagement admins can now create engagement surveys for specific groups of people. This can be helpful when you want to assess engagement of employees at different points in their employment journey— for example, new hires. Released 2/22/23.

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General release: Demographic insights in review reporting

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Following the limited release in January 2023, HR admins in all companies can now filter company review results by their demographic data (including Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Age, and Tenure) to uncover any potential areas that might need a closer look. This allows HR Teams to approach the subject objectively, with a data-driven approach, and save hours from manually cross comparing data. Released 2/22/23.

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New Transform course: Adaptive Leadership

Feature: Training & Coaching

Leading an organization through any change, big or small, is a challenge. Leaders who try, with the best of intentions, to lead transformational change get rejected by the system and pushed aside. In this new Transform course, we explore the Adaptive Leadership framework & equip learners to weather the storm of change in their organizations, develop strategies to lead confidently forward, and enable their teams to thrive. Released 2/21/23.

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Check-ins no longer generated for inactive users

Feature: Check-ins

Check-ins are now only generated for people who have both accepted their invitation to 15Five and completed the initial login. With this change, people will have a clearer understanding of the tasks they need to complete in 15Five when logging in for the first time, and Check-in reporting will be more accurate. Released 2/20/23.

Organization Admins can manage coaching sessions

Feature: Training & Coaching

We updated the access for Organization Admins so they can manage coaching sessions without selecting an additional permission. Released 2/17/23.

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Updated Actions for action planning 

Feature: Engage

We updated the actions available for leaders as they create action plans following an engagement survey. These new actions are more relevant to organization needs, allow you to more effectively leverage 15Five to reach your desired goal, and reflect the latest research around thriving and engagement. Existing action plans are not impacted by this release. Released 2/15/23.

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Ability to assign multiple Engagement Admins

Feature: Engage

In the past, only one engagement admin could be appointed for each organization. With this release, there is no longer a limit to the number of engagement admins in an organization. Any current engagement admin has the ability to appoint new engagement admins.

We also added an action log that tracks all campaign-related changes that Engagement Admins make within their orgs to provide transparency and foster accountability. This log can be found by navigating Settings -> Campaign Change History from within Engage. Released 2/15/23.

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Answer templates

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Many of our customers have their own flavor of opinion scale that they like to use in their best self reviews. Before now, review admins had to modify the opinion scale on every opinion scale question to match their flavor. THIS CHANGES NOW!

With this release, customers can create, save, and reuse opinion scales – saving them lots of time when they’re setting up their question templates! Released 2/13/23.

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Admins can view recommended Transform tracks in 15Five

Feature: Training & Coaching

As admins create learning journeys for their Transform participants, they can use recommended tracks from 15Five— which include a set of courses in an order that we recommend to help drive specific learning outcomes. Recommended tracks can be helpful so admins don’t feel overwhelmed with creating their own track. Nearly 50% of our Transform customers currently use our recommended track.

Prior to this release, admins didn’t have an easy way to review our recommended track within 15Five; many needed to assign themselves a seat to be able to preview the experience. Now, admins can view the order of courses in our recommended track, see the course length, and watch a sample video for each course. This can be done in 15Five without having to use a seat assignment! Released 2/10/23.

Online Learning Journeys

Feature: Training & Coaching

Admins can now plan online learning journeys for specific groups of Manager Accelerator participants and select custom due dates for courses. Manager Accelerator Online participants can see course due dates on the Online Courses page in 15Five.

This release is available to customers with a Manager Accelerator Online subscription using our recommended 15Five Manager Accelerator track. Account and HR Admins can create one or more learning journeys for online participants up to the seat count their organization has purchased. Released 2/10/23.

Improved Question Ordering

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Previously, review participants saw self review-only questions before questions programmed for both self and manager reviews when filling out their reviews, despite the given order selected in the question template. With this release, questions will appear in the order specified in the question template. Released 2/6/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create, edit, or delete a question template

iOS version 3.8.2

Fixes: Fixed avatars appearing low quality on the Pulse dashboard. The new Pulse question ("How did you feel at work since your last Check-in?") is now reflected in mobile Check-ins. Fixed crash on iPad. Released 2/6/23.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five iOS app

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