March 2023 - 15Five releases

Ability to preview engagement surveys

Feature: Engage

Engagement admins can now see what an engagement survey will look like to employees before confirming the campaign. Released 3/24/23.


iOS version 3.8.3

Feature: Mobile

Fixes: Resolved a Google Plus login issue and a High Fives hashtags caching bug.

Improvements: Filling out Check-ins now includes a new multiple composer for past and future priorities, which eliminates the possibility of buggy experiences when creating priorities and marking them as complete. Additionally, now if Check-ins are disabled for a company, users won’t see the Check-ins section on their mobile app— so they can, instead, focus on what they need to do. Released 3/17/23.

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Create custom learning journeys for Manager Accelerator Hybrid

Feature: Training & Coaching

Account and HR admins can now create learning journeys for Manager Accelerator Hybrid course participants. This will allow them to: select the cohort of participants that will learn together, plan the courses that participants will complete, and assign due dates to courses to guide participants through the journey. Manager Accelerator Hybrid participants will see the deadlines for their courses on the new Journey page in 15Five along with their upcoming group coaching sessions. Released 3/16/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create and assign a custom Transform course

New subscription detail page in Coaching Hub

Feature: Training & Coaching

We added a new subscription detail page to Coaching Hub to make it easier for admins to see and schedule all the sessions that are part of a subscription. The subscription detail view is a place where admins can see all the sessions for a subscription and can schedule those sessions in the correct order. The page can be accessed by clicking the View subscription button on the Sessions tab or by clicking the View details button when managing a subscription from the 'Subscriptions' tab in Coaching Hub. Released 3/14/23.

New columns for adding users to groups via bulk import

Feature: Manage people

We changed the way that account admins make group changes via bulk import CSV. In the past, all group membership changes completed via bulk import had to be made using the "active_group_names" and "add_to_groups" columns. Now, each group type gets its own column in the CSV and you must list all of a person's groups within that group type in the bulk import CSV. Released 3/14/23.

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New Transform course: Leading Effective Meetings

Feature: Training & Coaching

Many people spend 50% or more of their work time in meetings, yet 92% of employees consider meetings to be unproductive. In this course, we explore how to run an effective meeting by evaluating common meeting facilitation mistakes and identifying strategies to lead common meeting types. Additionally, learners will audit their existing meetings to identify inefficiencies and make changes for higher levels of productivity. Released 3/13/23.

Course trailer 🎥: Leading Effective Meetings
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Updates to the subscription page in Coaching Hub

Feature: Training & Coaching

We updated the subscription page in Coaching Hub to make it easier for admins to find subscriptions their company has purchased, so they can assign courses and begin using them! Released 3/6/23.

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