May 2023 - 15Five releases

Turn Check-ins on/off by group

Feature: Check-ins

With this release, admins can configure whether or not specific groups have Check-ins enabled. This release is especially helpful for companies who are rolling out 15Five and want to launch Check-ins with a test group first. Released 5/31/23.

Help Center article 💡: Enable/disable Check-ins

New engagement surveys

Feature: Engage

We added two new surveys to Engage, which can be used in express surveys or added to a larger campaign. The new surveys are:

  • The Engagement-only survey, which contains only the 7 statements that make up the Engagement Score.
  • The Manager Effectiveness survey, which contains the 8 manager competency statements that can be incorporated into 15Five's new Manager Effectiveness Indicator feature (coming soon!). Released 5/24/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create an engagement campaign

Create express engagement surveys

Feature: Engage

Engagement admins can now quickly and easily create and set up engagement campaigns using the express survey option. Express surveys allow you to quickly launch an engagement campaign that contains one of our three most popular and science-backed engagement surveys. Released 5/24/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create an engagement campaign

Independent group-type management using bulk import and HRIS connector

Feature: Manage people/Integrations

Admins can now sync departments and divisions group types from their HRIS to 15Five. Updates made to these group types in the HRIS will be synced over to 15Five during the daily sync. Admins can also create additional group types (and respective groups under those group types) in 15Five that won't be overridden when the integration syncs. This means group memberships can be managed in the HRIS and map to 15Five groups, and additional group types created in 15Five can be dissociated from the HRIS by excluding them from the configuration. Released 5/24/23.

Help Center article 💡: HRIS Connector
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Early adopter release: Ability to create custom attributes in 15Five from any field in the HRIS

Feature: Manage people/Integrations

You can now create custom mappings in 15Five for any field in your HRIS using the HRIS connector. This release is especially useful for Engage customers who want to be able to slice their data and create reports from fields that don't sync over from your HRIS to 15Five by default. Released 5/15/23.

Help Center article 💡: HRIS Connector

Early adopter release: Filter groups and group types using the HRIS connector

Feature: Manage people/Integrations

With this release, you can use filters to prevent groups and group types from syncing from your HRIS to 15Five. Released 5/15/23.

Help Center article 💡: HRIS Connector

Updates to the Check-in experience in Slack

Feature: Mobile

Managing priorities, objectives, and key results within the 15Five Slack app is now easier than ever! Previously, Slack defaulted to showing 3 Priorities, with a link to see the complete list by opening 15Five. Additionally, you could view Objectives and Key Results in Slack but had to navigate to 15Five to update them. Now, you can proactively update the status of your priorities from the Slack app, which contains a complete list of Priorities. Key Result values and Objective statuses can also now be updated directly from the Slack app. Released 5/5/23.

Help Center article 💡: Use the 15Five app for Slack

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