June 2023 - 15Five releases

Real-time MEI updates from MEI configuration

Feature: Manager Effectiveness Indicator

Configuration changes made to the MEI are now immediately applied to your organization's MEI. This allows you to see how your configuration impacts the MEI in real-time so you can adjust the configuration to best represent manager effectiveness within your organization. Previously, new configurations were applied to the organization MEI the following day. Released 6/30/23.

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Manager Effectiveness section added to 15Five's default question templates for Best-Self Review®

Features: Best-Self Review® and Manager Effectiveness Indicator

We replaced the previous 'Manager Expectations' section in 15Five's default Self and manager, Upward questions, and Manager Effectiveness Best-Self Review® question templates with our new Manager Effectiveness competency questions. With this change, organizations can easily measure manager effectiveness in performance reviews, which can, in turn, be pulled into their Manager Effectiveness Indicator configuration. Released 6/26/23.

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Improved discoverability of integrations

Feature: Manage company settings

Account admins can now access integration settings by clicking on the settings gear in the top, right-hand corner of 15Five and selecting 'Integrations' from the dropdown menu. In the past, they were located under feature settings. Released 6/21/23.


Driver Library: new driver-specific engagement surveys

Feature: Engage

With this release, we added Introduced 17 new surveys that are specific to each engagement driver. These surveys ask the same Likert-scale statements as the full EngageSurvey. Results for these surveys will appear under the measured Drivers in the Drivers & Heatmap tab with the exact same behavior as taking the full EngageSurvey. This release allows organizations to really hone in on the specific drivers that are important to them at any given time. Released 6/20/23.

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HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator

Features: HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator 

With this exciting release, 15Five is giving leaders the ability to consistently capture, synthesize, and present the outcomes they are measuring and working to improve: manager effectiveness, employee engagement, employee performance, and regrettable turnover. They do this through two dashboards: the HR Outcomes Dashboard and the Manager Effectiveness Indicator.

The HR Outcomes Dashboard enables HR leaders to show clear and concise data that directly links programs like employee learning and development to outcomes like employee retention, which can, in turn, be connected to business outcomes like customer satisfaction and revenue. This customizable dashboard gives a snapshot view of how your organization is doing with regard to each of these outcomes and allows you to compare how different outcomes impact each other.

The Manager Effectiveness Indicator (MEI) is a new metric that blends manager behaviors with assessment data to provide a holistic view of how effective managers are and what HR leaders can do to help them improve. With 15Five's Manager Effectiveness Indicator (MEI), customers can easily see which managers are excelling and which managers need support in specific areas, and take action to drive engagement, performance, and retention across their org. Released 6/12/23.

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Add turnover data to 15Five

Feature: Manage people

It's now possible to add termination data to 15Five, which can be pulled into the HR Outcomes Dashboard to measure employee turnover. Termination data can be added one-off, in bulk, or by syncing termination data from your HRIS to 15Five via the HRIS connector. Released 6/8/23.

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