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Welcome to the 15Five Outcomes Accelerator Program, where extraordinary outcomes for your organization are just a step away. This exclusive initiative is your gateway to transforming your organization's performance, engagement, and growth potential with 15Five and the HR Outcomes Dashboard.

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What is Outcomes Accelerator?

15Five’s Outcomes Accelerator is a free, exclusive program designed to help executives and HR leaders transform your organization using 15Five.

During this program, you’ll work with 15Five experts to launch an organization-wide initiative focused on increasing employee engagement, retaining top talent, maximizing employee performance, or developing more effective managers.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your organization's performance to new heights.

Join the Outcomes Accelerator Program, and let's unlock your organization's full potential together!

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What you'll gain from participating

By participating in Outcomes Accelerator, you will gain invaluable benefits including:






Program process

  1. Sign up for Outcomes Accelerator (by October 6th): Express interest in participating in the Outcomes Accelerator Program by completing our interest form or by emailing us at Once you sign up, you'll receive additional materials to help you get started and, if your organization is on a plan that doesn't include the HR Outcomes Dashboard, be granted complimentary access.

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  2. Kickoff with a 1-on-1 strategy session (by October 20th): Schedule and attend a personalized 1:1 session with 15Five experts to craft a custom action plan for your organization focused on driving one of the following outcomes using 15Five:
    Maximize employee performance

    Employee performance is the manifestation of an individual's strengths, skills, competencies, and motivations in the workplace, resulting in the achievement of tasks, goals, and objectives aligned with the organization's mission and values. Learn more.

    If you choose this focus, you'll discover how to leverage the Outcomes Dashboard, Best-Self® Review, and Objectives to drive better employee performance and goal achievement.

    Increase employee engagement

    Employee engagement is an employee’s intellectual and emotional connection with their employer, demonstrated by their motivation and commitment to positively impact the business’s vision and goals. Learn more.

    If you choose this focus, you'll discover how to use the Outcomes Dashboard, Engagement surveys, and Check-ins to boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

    Decrease regrettable turnover

    Regrettable turnover occurs when somebody's departure from the company has a negative impact on the organization, or when a high-performing employee that the company would have liked to keep decides to leave of their own accord. Learn more.

    If you choose this focus, you'll explore retention strategies using the HR Outcomes Dashboard and turnover data to reduce regrettable turnover.

    Improve manager effectiveness

    Manager effectiveness refers to the capability of a manager to guide, influence, and empower their team to achieve organizational goals by cultivating a supportive work environment, making informed decisions, and continuously developing both their own and their team's skills and competencies.

    If you choose this focus, you'll learn strategies to enhance manager effectiveness: a major driver of team performance, engagement, and retention.

  3. Join your tailored outcome community (beginning October 23rd): Join 15Five’s Outcomes Accelerator Slack Community to connect with your Outcomes Host, like-minded peers, and 15Five experts. You'll receive timely, tailored support step-by-step, working together with a group of leaders who share your focus on achieving desired outcomes and features based on your action plan.
  4. Prepare to launch your action plan (by November 3rd): Receive comprehensive materials and ongoing support to successfully implement and launch your chosen feature. Attend a pre-launch meeting to ensure optimal configuration for maximizing Outcomes Dashboard output.
  5. Execute your action plan (by November 10th): Bring your action plan to life and launch your primary feature with our support to drive your desired outcome.
  6. Measure success (by November 17th): Keep track of your progress through in-app reporting and the Outcomes Dashboard. Attend a program wrap meeting to support analyzing your results and data, receive guidance and support with next steps and future success, and become a part of the exclusive 15Five customer community.

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