Access Insights using the HR Outcomes Dashboard

Outcome Insights on the HR Outcomes Dashboard provide curated themes and actions that leaders can focus on to improve employee performance, engagement, and retention. With Outcome Insights, HR leaders can spend less time trying to decipher their data and more time taking action to improve outcomes. These insights leverage data points from across 15Five to look for 5 themes: Productivity, Goals, Feedback, Teamwork, & Career Growth. Based on these themes, we recommend HR leaders take action in their organization through managers.

In this article, we'll walk through how to access insights for your organization or cohorts within your organization.

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to HR Outcomes Dashboard.
👥 This article is relevant to roles and individuals assigned access to the Outcomes Dashboard and MEI.
📦 This feature is available in the Total Platform pricing package.

See Insights for my organization

  1. Click Outcomes Dashboard in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. You're now on the Outcomes Dashboard. From here, open the 'Insights' tab using the top navigation.
  3. Apply filters. By default, the Insights tab contains all recommendations to drive outcomes performance in your organization, but you can apply filters to access the specific recommendations you want to see.
    View filtering options
    • Use the "Filter by" filter to view recommendations specific to a single outcome (Manager Effectiveness, Performance, Engagement, or Turnover) or Theme (Productivity, Feedback, Goals, Career Growth, or Teamwork).
    • Use the "Groups" filter to view recommendations for specific managers or groups.
    • Check the box next to Show only highest priority to filter the Insights tab to only show the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on outcomes performance in your organization.
  4. View Insights. Below filters, you'll find Insights— recommended themes, customized based on your organization's data from across 15Five, that you can focus on to improve outcomes.

    Each Insight contains the following information:

    Priority indicator

    15Five will designate a priority level that shows how impactful an Insight will be in driving outcomes performance. By default, Insights are organized from highest to lowest priority in the Insights tab.


    Insight theme

    Based on data from across the platform, 15Five will assign one of five themes proven to drive outcomes: Goals, Productivity, Feedback, Teamwork, and Career Growth. Recommended actions for each Insight will be based on that theme.

    Generation date

    The date on which the insight was generated.

    Source data

    The 15Five data that explains why 15Five recommended this insight.

  5. See why the insight was generated. Click Take action with managers to see which managers are referenced in the data contained in the Insight. Focusing actions on these managers will have the biggest impact on improving outcomes.
  6. View recommended actions. Click the icon in the top, right-hand corner of an insight to expand recommendations.
    A list of recommended actions will appear. Hover over any underlined action to see additional information.
  7. Download a playbook. Click Download recommended actions to open a playbook containing theme-specific actions you can take in 15Five to improve outcomes. These playbooks help HR leaders take our recommendations for action, get buy-in from executives, and understand best practices of these actions in 15Five.

    The following playbooks are available in Outcome Insights:

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