Who can see my Check-ins?

We know that some information on your Check-in may be sensitive. That said, it's important you know exactly who has access to see your Check-in in all its glory! This article covers the different reasons why someone may be able to see your Check-ins, as well as how to access a full list of people who have permission to see your Check-ins.

Reasons people can see your Check-ins

There are multiple reasons why someone may be able to view your Check-ins. These reasons can vary from person to person and possible reasons include: followers, group visibility settings, and default hierarchy visibility. For more information on the different ways someone can view your Check-in, see this article



Account administrators are not able to see all Check-ins for all people by default- only global viewers have that permission. If you'd like to be made a global viewer for all Check-ins, please reach out to our Support Team.

Option #1: Understand who has visibility into your Check-ins

1. Click on the Settings menu at the top right of your 15Five account and then click My settings


2. Click on the 'Check-in visibility' tab.


3. On this page, you will see a list of who can view your Check-ins based on reviewer drill-down, group, and followers permissions under the 'Who can see my Check-ins?' tab.


Option #2: Check visibility from within a your Check-in

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Ensure you're on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. From your current Check-in (you're already there), scroll down a bit and look to the right panel for the purple text, "Who can view my Check-in?"


4. Hover over the text to see a quick list of who has permission to view your Check-in.


5. Click on "Who else can view this 15Five?" to be taken to the same page shown in option #1; a page where you can see a list of people that can view your Check-ins based on reviewer drill-down, group, and followers permissions.


For information on transparency and why we suggest more of it, check out "Taking Workplace Transparency To The Next Level: Seeing My Boss's 15Five."



If you're concerned about sharing sensitive information, try utilizing private comments on your Check-ins to keep the conversation private between you and your manager.



By special request, we can make prior Check-ins "invisible" to a new reviewer or new follower. Let's say your reviewer recently changed and you don't want your new reviewer to see all of your past Check-ins. No worries—we can help! Contact our Technical Support Team to get this set up.

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