Effective 15Five check-in habits

It's time to write your first Check-in! Your role as a reporter (a person who submits a Check-in) is very important in maintaining healthy, open communication within your company. The Check-in not only gives you an opportunity to outline your priorities and keep track of progress, but also allows you to share feedback directly with your manager.

Here are some guiding principles for you to keep in mind when filling out your Check-in. These tips will help you get the most value out of using your Check-ins and make writing those Check-in more effective, less time consuming, and more gratifying...it's a win-win-win!

Guide 📖: 15 Tips for Writing Check-ins

Best practices for filling out your Check-in

  • Note events as they occur: It's hard to stare at a blank Check-in and fill in everything you have done over the past week or month. By the time your due day comes around, you might have forgotten what you've done, or be too exhausted to elaborate. 15Five saves your draft Check-in as you go, so that you can easily note events as they occur and come back to finish it up before submitting.
  • Mention big issues: Don't let issues fester- use your Check-in to discuss them with your manager early and offer solutions! If you have an idea that could help increase efficiency, or a suggestion for a process change- now is the time to bring it up. Leadership can't help you if they don't know a problem exists.
  • Collaborate with your team: @mentions are a great way to bring your coworkers into the conversation. If a question pops up while you're filling up your Check-in that you think a colleague might know the answer to, or if you worked on a project with a team member and you want to acknowledge their help, @mention them and they'll receive a notification.
  • Suggest new questions: Not feeling engaged? Want to change things up a bit? Share your thoughts on how to make the Check-in process more engaging for you and your team! You can do this by creating a list of suggested questions and sharing them with your manager. You never know- they might take inspiration from your feedback, and one or two of your questions might show up on your next Check-in.
  • Give someone a High Five: Our High Fives feature is a recognition tool built in to 15Five that allows you to show appreciation to your coworkers. Science shows that recognition increases the likelihood for collaboration and support between employees—so don't let awesome deeds go unseen! 

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