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We all know work happens on-the-go almost as much as it happens in the office. With our iOS app, have the most important conversations with your team or manager from anywhere!

In this article you will learn...

Download the 15Five app

  1. Find 15Five in the App Store.
  2. Click Get to download the app.
  3. Once the app has finished downloading, click Open from the App Store to launch the app.

Features available through iOS app

Access / login

  • Standard login
  • SSO login
  • Use 1Password to log in
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)


  • Fill out your Check-in
  • Edit a submitted Check-in
  • View and interact with submitted Check-ins
  • Review Check-ins
  • Leave private or public comments
  • Use @mentions
  • Like an answer
  • Flag an answer for follow-up
  • Share an answer via email
  • Share an answer to Slack
  • Add an answer to your 1-on-1
  • Add an answer to Wins and Challenges
  • See your priorities on the 'My Check-ins' screen

High Fives

  • High Five when reviewing Check-ins
  • View company High Five feed
  • Leave public or private comments on High Fives from the feed


  • Create 1-on-1s with anyone in your organization
  • Add content into 1-on-1s
  • Schedule 1-on-1s
  • Delete 1-on-1s
  • View current and historical 1-on-1s
  • Search for 1-on-1s with specific team members


  • View Objectives
  • View the Objective details page

Best-Self Review®

  • Open current review cycles in your mobile browser (you will be auto-logged in to 15Five in your browser)

Notifications tab

  • View your notification feed
  • Mark all notifications as 'read'
  • Manage personal notification preferences


  • View the Pulse Dashboard
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