iPhone app

15Five's iOS app is available through the App Store. Continue reading for a list of what features are available in the iOS app.

Features available through iOS app

Access / login

  • Standard login
  • SSO login
  • Use 1Password to log in
  • MFA

Administrating 15Five

  • My account > Notifications *push notifications*
  • Company settings *push notification settings, passcode settings*


View / Review

  • View Check-ins
  • Review Check-ins
  • Comments
  • Private Comments
  • Like


  • Fill-out Check-in
  • Answer questions
  • Answer Pulse
  • Update Objectives
  • Add Goals / Accomplishments
  • Give a High Five in your 15Five
  • High Five anyone in your 15Five
  • @ All and @ Group mentions
  • Flag for follow-up
  • Share via email
  • Share to Slack
  • Add to 1-on-1
  • Add as Win/ Challenge

High Fives

  • High Five Feed
  • High Five when reviewing 15Five


  • Pulse Dashboard


  • Your 1-on-1 with your manager
  • Your 1-on-1 with your team


  • View Objectives (all, company-wide, dept, etc)
  • Objective details page

Notifications (in-app)

  • Notification feed
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