15Five permissions overview

Not all 15Five users have the same amount of permissions. Continue reading for a high-level overview of permissions in 15Five.

Role permissions in 15Five

  • Account administrator permissions include: modifying/creating questions company-wide, managing due dates and user profiles, reactivating deactivated users, editing groups and group settings, and managing all company features.
    Help Center article 🧠: Manage 15Five account administrators
    Help Center section 🗒: Admins: set 15Five up for your team

  • Billing administrator permissions include: managing company billing information, accessing invoices, and updating payment information.
    Help Center article 🧠: Manage 15Five billing administrators

  • Reviewers are individuals who are responsible for reviewing Check-ins and holding 1-on-1s with their direct reports. Permissions include: modifying/creating questions for their direct reports and managing due dates and user profiles for their direct reports.
    Help Center section 🗒: Managers: the basics of 15Five

  • Reporters are individuals who submit a Check-in. Permissions are limited, and include submitting a Check-in and managing their own profile.
    Help Center section🗒: Employees: the basics of 15Five

  • Global viewers are people who can see the Check-ins of every individual within their company, as well as pull all company data in custom reports and view all dashboard metrics. This permission is typically reserved for HR teams, co-leaders, and administrators. There can be multiple global viewers in a company.
    Click here for a list of your company's current global viewers, or contact our Support Team to make someone a global viewer.

  • Group administrator permissions include: adding group-specific questions, managing group settings (including visibility), and editing group members' profiles.
    Help Center article 🧠: Change a group administrator

  • Review administrator permissions include: creating review cycles and question templates, and viewing all submitted review answers- if visibility settings allow for such.
    Help Center article 🧠: Manage review administrators
    Help Center section 🗒: Review admin
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