Clone an objective

There are times when we have objectives that might carry over to additional quarters, but we still want to keep the progress tracked by quarter. In cases like these, you can clone the objective so you can easily place it in a new timeframe or adjust key results without losing previous progress. Cloning an objective allows you to close, archive, or delete the previous objective and start again with as little or as much of the same information as you'd like.

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Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Objectives.
👥 This article is relevant to individuals with permission to clone an objective.
📦 This feature is available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Clone an objective

  1. Click Objectives in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation to open the Objectives Dashboard.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the page to find the objective you want to update.
  3. Click on the name of the objective to open its details page.
  4. Click on the gear icon in the objective's title box, then select 'Clone objective' from the dropdown menu.
  5. The "Create a new objective" form will open with fields pre-populated with the original objective's settings. Make any necessary edits.


    Check out our "Create an objective" article for more information and tips on creating objectives.

  6. When you're done, click Create objective at the bottom of the screen.

Role-based permissions for cloning objectives

  • Account admins can clone objectives owned by anyone in their organization.
  • Direct managers can clone objectives that they own or that are owned by people below them in the hierarchy (their direct reports, their direct reports' direct reports, and so on).
  • Employees can clone objectives that they own.

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