Can 15Five employees see my data?

Your privacy is important to us. 15Five employees can log into customer accounts to review administrative and configuration settings, but cannot see any confidential, user-entered data, as it is obfuscated and unreadable on our end. Read our Security Statement to see how we protect your data.

If you want to learn more about confidentiality specifically for our Engagement feature, please refer to the "Confidentiality policy for engagement" Help Center article.

So, what information can 15Five employees see?

15Five employees can see user's identities and the dates/times actions occurred. 15Five employees can not see any user-entered data, the only exception to this rule being that we can see the text of questions in Check-ins and Best-Self Review┬«. 

We can only see the minimum information necessary to help us identify issues; we don't see responses or any user-entered information that might be considered "sensitive." Below are some examples of what 15Five employee can see.


15Five employees can see the text of programmed questions, likes, and the identity of "likers" and commenters. We cannot see any user-entered data, including the text of answers or comments.


Best-Self Review®

15Five employees can see the identity of review answer authors. We cannot see how people answered rating scale questions, or the text of any answers.



15Five employees can see the identity of objective and key result owners, as well as tracking metrics and completion data. We cannot see the text of objectives or key results.



15Five employees can see the identity of 1-on-1 participants, commenters, who added which talking points/action items, and who action items are assigned to. We can't see the text of talking points, action items, notes, etc. All user-entered data is obfuscated.


High Fives

15Five employees can see the identity of both the giver and receiver(s) of high fives and the identity of "likers" and commenters. We cannot see any user-entered text, including high five text or comments.


Feature settings

15Five employees can see what options are selected for all feature settings.


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