Edit, deactivate, and delete questions

Updating questions on a regular basis is a great way to keep employees engaged and keep lines of communication open. This article covers how to edit, deactivate, reactivate, and delete questions that appear on your teams' Check-ins.



Only account administrators and reviewers can manage questions.

Access questions

1. Open the Settings menu in the top right corner of 15Five.


2. Select "Check-in questions" from the dropdown.


3. Click on the type of question you'd like to manage: either Company-wide, Groups, or Individuals. A list of all questions in that question type will appear.


Edit a question

1. Click ... to the right of the question you'd like to edit and select Edit question from the dropdown menu.


2. Make any desired edits to the question or its settings.


3. Click Save changes.




Instead of editing existing questions, we suggest deactivating irrelevant questions and creating entirely new ones. The reason being—if you do update the text of an existing question, all historic answer data for the previous question will be overridden in reporting by the new data from the updated question. Custom reports can still be run on inactive questions, but not on questions that have been overwritten.




Edits made to active questions are pushed to current Check-ins in real-time. If you edit the wording of a question, add a new question to an existing Check-in, etc, the question will update immediately on all unsubmitted* Check-ins.
*Submitted Check-ins will not reflect changes made to questions.

Guide 📖:  The Great eBook of Employee Questions

Deactivate or delete a question

1. Locate the active question you want to deactivate or delete.

2. Click the ... to the right of the question and select Deactivate question or Delete question (whichever you prefer) from the dropdown.


3. Deactivated questions will move to the 'Inactive Questions' section at the bottom of the question page. They can be reactivated at any time.
Deleted questions will not longer appear or be accessible in-app. If you click Delete question, you will see a pop-up that requires you to confirm you'd actually like to delete the question. If you agree, click Delete question.




For questions that are not going to be asked again, we recommend using the 'deactivate' option. Deactivated questions will no longer appear in your account, but you can still run reports and gather data on deactivated questions. You are not able to run reports on deleted questions.



If a question is active in the question queue, you will not be able to delete it until the current reporting period is over.

Reactivate a question

1. Locate the question you want to reactivate in the 'Inactive Questions' section.


2. Click the "..." to the right of the question and select Activate question from the dropdown


3. Review the question settings and click Save changes.


4. The question will reappear in the appropriate section based on the settings you selected—either In every Check-in, Scheduled questions, or Question Queue.



You will only see the "activate" option for questions that were deactivated. These questions will appears as greyed-out in the 'Inactivate questions' section.

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