Send an external high five

We know the power of recognition is powerful. Knowing that, we give you the ability to recognize teammates that don't use 15Five using our High Fives feature—teammates that are with your company, but not in 15Five or people who are at a completely different company!



External high fives can be given from within your Check-in or from the High Fives dashboard. For more information about the different ways to give high fives in 15Five, check out our "Give a High Five" Help Center article.

Send an external High Five

You can High Five people outside of 15Five either from within your Check-in or from the 'High Fives' dashboard. Give the High Five as normal, but @mention the recipient's email address rather @mentioning the name of a fellow 15Fiver.

Where you send the High Five from will depend on when the recipient is notified. If sent from the 'High Fives' dashboard, an email notification will be sent to the recipient immediately. If sent from your Check-in, the email notification will be sent when you submit your Check-in.

The High Five recipient will receive an email like this from


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