Edit a Check-in

After submitting a Check-in, you might realize you forgot to mention something important or you need to change an answer. The steps on how to edit your Check-in vary slightly depending on whether or not your Check-in has been reviewed. If your reviewer has already marked the Check-in as reviewed, there are a couple more steps before you're able to edit. How to edit your Check-in, whether reviewed or not, is outlined below. 

Edit your Check-in

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Ensure you're on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. Go into the Check-in you need to edit by clicking View my history. Your history page shows all Check-ins, past and current.


4. Find the submitted Check-in that you need to edit and click View Check-in to open it.


5. If your Check-in has not been reviewed, find and click the Edit Check-in button to the right of your page.


If your Check-in has already been reviewed and you need to make edits, find and click on the Request to edit button to the right of your Check-in.




After clicking Request to edit, 15Five will send an email and in-app notification to your reviewer, asking them to approve the editing of your Check-in. Reviewers will also see an Allow editing button from their end when they are viewing the submitted Check-in that you requested to edit. When you get the green light (via email notification) to edit your Check-in, you are free to make the edits needed and resubmit.

6. After editing, don't forget to resubmit your Check-in. If you do not resubmit your Check-in, your reviewer will not be able to view the previously submitted Check-in and they will see an error when trying to view your Check-in. Click Resubmit.




If you're a reviewer and you want to allow your direct report to edit their Check-in, you can do so by following the steps In our "Allow your direct report to edit their Check-in" Help Center article..

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