Edit a Check-in

After you submit your Check-in, you may realize you forgot to mention something important or that you need to change an answer. This article walks through how to edit a Check-in.

The steps to edit a Check-in varying slightly depending on whether or not your manager has already reviewed the Check-in. Both scenarios are covered in this article.


Edit your Check-in

  1. Click on Check-ins in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation.
  2. Open the Check-in you need to edit using the 'My recent Check-ins' box on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. If your manager hasn't yet reviewed the Check-in, you will see an Edit Check-in button on the right side of your page. Click this button to reopen the Check-in for editing.
  4. If your manager has already reviewed the Check-in, you will see a Request to edit button to the right of your Check-in. Click this button to send an email and in-app notification to your direct manager, asking them to approve the editing of your Check-in. Once your manager approves the editing request you will receive an email notification, at which point you are free to edit your Check-in.
  5. Once you make desired edits, don't forget to resubmit your Check-in by clicking Resubmit at the bottom of the page. If you do not resubmit your Check-in, your direct manager will not be able to view either the previously submitted version of your Check-in or the updated version.

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