Use markdown throughout 15Five

15Five supports markdown across all comment and answer fields. That means you can use markdown in Objectives, Request Feedback, Check-ins, and even Best-Self Review®. Using the markdown syntax noted in this article, you can add formatting elements to:

  • Pulse answers
  • Priorities
  • Check-in answers
  • High Fives
  • Comments (Check-ins, High Fives, Objectives, Priorities)
  • Best-Self Review® answers


You can add gifs and/or images anywhere markdown is allowed. For information on how to add images or gifs to your Check-in, check out our "Fill out a Check-in" Help Center article.

Formatting for markdown in 15Five

[link text](address) ![Image](

* List * List * List

1. One 2. Two 3. Three
Horizontal Rule ---
Inline code Heading 1 ========= Heading 2 ---------


There's a shortcut for markdown preview in 15Five!  Press Command + Shift + P or Control + Shift + P to trigger the markdown preview modal. You can also use the shortcut Command + B  or Control + B to make text bold, or Command + I or Control + I for italics.

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