Add an image, gif, or file to your Check-in

If you want to add some excitement to your Check-in via an image, a gif, or an attachment, you're at the right place. Throughout 15Five, there are ways to add animations and files to fields. Try using the below options next time your answer/comment needs a little something extra. 

Add an animated gif to your Check-in

To use an animated gif in a High Five or a Check-in answer, copy and paste the code below, replacing the URL with a direct link to the gif



Your gif will appear once the Check-in is submitted.

Here's an example of what adding and submitting a Check-in answer with an embedded gif looks like:



Embed an image in a Check-in answer

To embed a picture in a Check-in answer, copy and paste the code below, replacing the URL with a link to your image:


If you downloaded the picture to your desktop, grab the URL by right clicking on the image and then clicking 'Get info' or the equivalent. 


How the text appears in your unsubmitted Check-in:


How the answer will appear after you submit your Check-in:



Attach a file to a Check-in answer

To attach a file to one of your Check-in answers, simply click on the paperclip icon in the answer text box and select the desired file from your computer.Screen_Shot_2021-04-07_at_4.20.36_PM.png

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