What is a streak?

Every time you submit a Check-in, it counts! We keep track how many Check-ins you've submitted in a row, aka your "streak". Every time you submit a Check-in, you'll see your current streak, your all time best streak, your organization's all time best streak, % of Check-ins submitted, and % of Check-ins submitted on time.


Streak statistics

  • Current Streak: Your "Current Streak" reflects how many Check-ins you have currently submitted in a row. If you miss submitting a Check-in, your streak will reset.
  • Best Streak:  Your "Best Streak" shows you the highest consecutive Check-ins you've ever submitted. This could be the same as your Current Streak or a different number. 
  • Organization's Best Streak:  The "Organization's Best Streak" shows you how many Check-ins were submitted on time within the whole company.

Your updated streak information will show up as soon as you submit your Check-in.




Do you have a Check-in that's counting against your streak even though you weren't in the office to submit it? Add a vacation for that Check-in period so your time out of office doesn't impact your streak.

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