15Five releases - April 4, 2018

We've been listening closely to your feedback have been releasing new features and fixing bugs to improve your user experience. Check out the details below:

Updates to Objectives

Objectives overview

The objectives overview page let's everyone in the account see the status and alignment of all objectives within their visibility settings. Managers can use the overview to track which people or departments have or have not set objectives.

Precise key result metrics

Now you can set precise key result metrics by adding decimal points rounded to the nearest hundredths (99.99%). We also support negative values and start values can be higher than end value.


Updates to Best-Self Reviews

Customize the audience for your review

We know it's not always the case that you run review cycles for the whole company. Now we allow you to create Best-Self Review cycle for specific groups of people. 

Learn more about how to create custom audience review cycles.


Updates to High Fives


Give High Fives directly from Slack

You can now send High Fives directly from Slack! All you need to send a High Five via Slack is to type /Highfive into any of your public channels and @ mention someone on your team. As soon as the High Five is sent, it will automatically get posted in the High Fives feed in 15Five. If you already have your Slack integration set up on 15Five, you'll have to uninstall your Slack instance from 15Five and reinstall it to use the /Highfive command. 

 Learn more about giving High Fives from Slack.

Group specific High Fives

You can now automatically share High Fives given to people in specific groups to the most relevant Slack channel. Start automatically sharing public High Fives into specific Slack channels by setting up Group-specific High Fives in your Slack integration settings. 

Learn more about Group-specific High Fives.


Updates to Integrations

Namely integration

If you use Namely, you can now import and manage your team into 15Five with ease. Using this integration will ensure your management structure is automatically set up and updated in 15Five. 

Learn more about our Namely integration.




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