15Five releases - November 2017

Self Development Objectives

A Self Development Objective can cover anything from enhancing a strength to improving a skill, knowledge or behavior. These should be focused on what an individual wants, how they want to improve, and where they see themselves heading. Tracking self-development in the workplace is a key driver of both employee engagement and organizational performance.

That’s why you can now create and keep tabs on your Self Development Objectives to track how you are progressing towards your target. Regular check-ins allow you to unblock issues with your manager, and when you get to the end of the quarter you can take the time to grade your objective and reflect on how it went.

We recommend at least one Self Development Objective per employee every quarter.

Read more about how to create your Self Development Objective here.

BambooHR Integration

We recently integrated with BambooHR, a best-in-class software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small to medium-sized businesses. This integration helps companies manage the entire cycle of every employee’s tenure at a company, from applicant tracking and employee onboarding to quarterly OKR tracking, employee feedback, and weekly one-on-one meeting agendas.

In a few simple steps inside 15Five, an Admin can link the 15Five and BambooHR accounts and import the company’s employees and management structure into 15Five. You can customize the sync schedule to run automatically or manually so that the two systems are updated with the latest employment changes.
Read more about configuring the BambooHR Integration here.

Employee-led 1-on-1s

Managers should be 1-on-1 facilitators, not owners. Employees should be able to add their issues and concerns to the week’s agenda for a quick resolution. Managers can coach employees through their most pressing challenges and easily create action items based on what is discussed during each one on one meeting.

Both Reporters and Reviewers can now contribute to an individual’s 1-on-1. Right now both parties can view the 1-on-1 agenda, add talking points, and push answers from the 15Five weekly Q&A to a 1-on-1.

And that's not all! Your 1-on-1s are now accessible on iOS to make those walking meetings and coffee shop check-ins much easier to manage.

Download the iOS app here.

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