15Five releases - February 20, 2018

This week, we launched a directory of all your teammate's 15Five profiles in the "whole company" page. This allows you to view the public profile of anyone in your account or the full* profile of any teammate that you have permission to view or that reports directly to you. 

*See the full breakdown of profile visibility below


What's included in the public profile and who can see this information?*

Highlights (only visible to you) 

  • To dos 
  • Objectives
  • Recently received High Fives


  • Pulse trend (anyone who can see your 15Five) 
  • Objectives activity (public objectives are visible to all)
  • 15Five activity (you + your reviewer) 
  • Questions asked (you + your reviewer)
  • 1-on-1 activity (you + your reviewer + account admins) 
  • High Fives activity (public high fives are visible to all) 

Info (visible to all) 

  • Groups 
  • Followers
  • Team

Career Vision 

  • Job title (visible to all)
  • Job description (visible to all)
  • Strengths (visible to all)
  • Career trajectory (you + your reviewer)

Wins & challenges

  • This space to collect your wins and challenges (only visible to you)
  • Your reviewer can also add any wins and challenges to their own version of this tab within your profile. This is only visible for them. 


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