15Five releases - May 14, 2018



Objectives are now on iOS
Tracking OKRs is easier than ever. Located under the “More” menu on your iOS app, view how your company is progressing towards their objectives or update your own.



Reporter controlled 1-on-1s
After many requests, we've finally given direct reports and managers equal functionality. In an effort to help make 1-on-1s more employee direct, now direct reports can add action items, add to shared notes, and end 1-on-1s themselves.

Best-Self Review


Editing self-reviews
Submitted self-reviews can now be edited. Similar to editing a check-in, if the manager hasn't seen the review, the direct report can freely edit their answers, once the manager has seen the review, direct reports will need to request to edit their answers. At any point, Review admins and managers allow editing without a request to edit.



Locking review cycles
Once a cycle has ended, review admins can lock the cycle to prevent further submissions and share the results of any submitted reviews that haven’t been shared yet.

Adding and removing participants from an active cycle
Review admins can now add and remove participants to an active review cycle. Participants can be added until the self-review due date. Participants can be removed until the cycle has been locked.

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