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At 15Five, we believe that questions are the core of meaningful conversations and that asking the right questions directly correlates to the quality of responses received. That’s why our platform allows you to ask any question you want—questions are fully customizable. You can create questions (or use some of our science backed ones), customize who’ll be asked the question, how often the question asked, and even get a question queue rolling for different questions to appear on each Check-in.

Since there are millions of ways to set up questions for your team, we decided to lay out five key ingredients to keeping Check-ins feeling fresh, beneficial, and lightweight. Call it our "secret sauce" for getting the most effective feedback.



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The five "question ingredients" for a great Check-in

Ingredient #1: The two essential questions 

We recommend asking these two company-wide questions in every Check-in:

  • What went well this week?
  • What challenges did you face this week?

One of the most common reasons people leave their jobs is because they do not feel valued or appreciated. Asking what went well promotes weekly conversations around what people feel proud of week over week. It is equally important to inquire about challenges on a regular basis so that managers can address small issues before they become big problems. These two questions form the foundation of a culture that promotes growth and development.  

Ingredient #2: Keep things fresh with question queues

Consistency is important, but keeping questions fresh is key to continued employee engagement with 15Five. Redundant or irrelevant questions is the #1 complaint reporters have when it comes to Check-ins. Use your question queue to ensure that one new question is asked on each Check-in. Your people like questions that apply to them, questions that they haven't answered every week. Here are some example questions around our favorite topics. Get started now by adding 15-20 of your favorite questions to a queue. Did you know? You can create group question queues using the same method for an even more tailored approach.

Ingredient #3: Get team specific 

We recommend that managers ask one group-specific question per week, a question that is relevant only to that specific team. Managers know best what's going on with their team, so allowing them to create their own questions empowers them to drive conversations that will help their team thrive.  

If this is a recurring question, make sure it is different from any company-wide questions to avoid redundancies. Managers can also queue up a couple of questions to rotate using our question queue.

Ingredient #4: Measure insights

There are two fool-proof ways to measure insights provided in 15Five reports, scheduling questions and using metric questions. Scheduling questions are perfect for tracking a specific piece of insight at a regular cadence. Furthermore, asking metric questions at a specific cadence provides managers with performance data at key intervals. Metric questions can be yes/no or measured numerically, by rating scale, or by percentage/days/hours/etc. 

Ingredient #5: The "Rule of Five"

Since Check-ins are meant to be a lightweight performance management tool, we recommend no more than five questions in each Check-in. Keeping questions below five prevents these brief weekly Check-ins from becoming 30Tens (get it?!). As a result, managers and direct reports will be more likely to have meaningful conversations about what’s most important each week.  

Suggested Check-in question template

Here’s a template for your Check-in that incorporates all five key "ingredients": 

  1. What went well? (company-wide)(weekly)
  2. What challenges did you face? (company-wide)(weekly)
  3. Queued Question (company-wide)(weekly)
  4. Manager Specific Question (group-specific)(weekly)OR(monthly)OR(quarterly)
  5. Metric Question (group-specific)OR(company-wide)(weekly)OR(monthly)OR(quarterly)

Now you're ready to get questions set up for your team!

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