15Five releases - May 30, 2018


360° Best-Self Review

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to 15Five: peer and upward reviews as part of 360° Best-Self Review! This revolutionary process is our answer to the traditional annual employee performance review, which is often biased and counterproductive. Research shows 360° peer feedback for development increases performance, goal orientation, and the growth mindset. Upward reviews provide managers developmental feedback on performance. We’ve created 360° Best-Self Review as a performance management solution to maximize the growth and development of your people.

Simple setup

Due to the often sensitive nature of performance evaluations, a specific review administrator will need to be assigned. The review admin(s) will have full control over the review cycle creation, question templates, and visibility of in-progress and completed answers.

When activating Best-Self Reviews for the first time, you can:

  • Assign a review administrator(s)
  • Exclude team members from reviews (such as contractors or interns)
  • Define review viewing permissions
  • Add your company values (this will enable quick setup of question templates later)
  • Define max and mins for nominating peers
  • Select anonymity settings for peer and upward reviews
  • Control what feedback is released

When creating your first review cycle, you can:

  • Select between a Best-Self Review (self and manager review) or 360° Best-Self Review (self and manager review, peer review, upward review)
  • Select review participants
  • Select a 15Five question template or a custom template you created
  • Include milestone dates for submission
  • Determine whether you want the review cycle to automatically repeat
  • And finally, customize your kick-off email messaging

Asking the right questions

We’ve created a recommended question template for anyone to use right out of the box. Our questions are guided by research from positive psychology to enable the growth mindset and include an additional set of future-focused questions inspired by Deloitte that are private to the manager assessment.
If the 15Five question template isn’t for you, that’s no problem. You can create a custom question template with a variety of question format options.

Completing self and manager reviews

One of the most time-consuming parts of the traditional performance review is answering the questions themselves. Many issues come into play such as recency bias, which is the tendency to evaluate someone based on their most recent performance instead of the entire review period, and difficulty objectively assessing team member performance.

We’ve provided a handy resources section within our performance management software that you can reference when completing your reviews, which collects qualitative and quantitative highlights from the past quarter. This includes relevant answers from your regular check-ins, High Fives, Objectives, Wins/Challenges, and more.

Completing peer reviews

Allowing employees to nominate their own peers is essential to engaging them in the review process. They have the best insight into who they work with the most. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved:

  • Employees can start nominating peers for their reviews when the review cycle starts.
  • Once peers have been nominated, we will notify that employee's manager to either approve or manage their peer nominations. Managers don't have to wait until employees nominate their peers in order to approve peers for the employee.
  • Once the manager has approved the nominations, the peer is then notified via email to either accept or decline the nomination.
  • Once the peer accepts the nomination, they can start completing their peer review.

Completing upward reviews

All of a manager's direct report will have the opportunity to complete an upward review. Our upward review question template comes with a “Manager Expectation” section that helps direct reports evaluate how effective their managers are at managing.

Tracking results

Both during and after an employee review cycle has been completed, review admins can track the progress of the whole company at any point. Managers can do the same with any team members that report to them in 15Five. If you notice any individuals who are past due, you can send a gentle nudge to prompt them to complete either their reviews. Review admins can also export answers as a CSV at any point for further analysis.
Read more about how to configure Best-Self Reviews for your team.

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