I reviewed my direct reports' Check-ins...now what?

You asked questions and your direct reports answered... what's next? Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) responses by employees has shown that employee's satisfaction with 15Five is linked to what their managers/reviewers, Vice Presidents, and C levels do with the data gathered through reporting. We have some research-backed blog posts to help all reviewers with the post-review process. 

Check-in resources: Post-review

Success Center article 🗒: Communicate with your team using 15Five

Blog post 🗒: You Asked, They Answered... Now What?

Blog post 🗒: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Employee Feedback

Blog post 🗒: Why Managers Need to Be More Vulnerable and Authentic to Give Effective Employee Feedback

Blog post 🗒: 9 Ways to Give Effective Feedback

Blog post 🗒: Responding to Feedback

e-Book 📖: Unlock Your Team's Potential With These Proven Questions

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