Make an answer, comment, 1-on-1 item, etc private

If you are filling out your Check-in and want an answer to only be visible only to you and your manager, you can make the answer private. If you are commenting on someone else' Check-in and want to make the comment private, you can do so. If you are filling in your 1-on-1 agenda and want a talking point to be private, lock it up. There are multiple places in 15Five where you have the ability to make the item private. Look for a lock icon anytime you are answering, commenting, or High Fiving to make the information private.

  • Private answers made on your own Check-in will not appear for any viewer other than your manager. This is still true even if your manager changes or you add followers. Private answers are forever private to the manager responsible for reviewing the Check-in at hand. 
  • You can leave private comments on other's Check-ins, as long as you have permission to view the Check-in. 
  • For 1-on-1s, private talking points, private action items, and private notes will always, only be visible to the person who added the item and made it private. 
  • For High Fives, only the giver and receiver of the High Five will see the content of the High Five. 
  • If you are unsure who can see the item, even after it is made private, hover over the lock icon to get the specifics. 

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Make an answer or comment private to yourself and your reviewer

As you're completing your Check-in, you may leave answers that you only want your manager to see—not your followers or your manager's manager. If you ever want to leave a private comment for your manager, follow the steps below. 

1. First answer the Check-in question.


2. Click on the lock icon to the right of the answer to make it private to only you and your reviewer. 


3. When the lock appears, the answer has been locked.




If you accidentally make an answer private, just click on the lock icon again and it will unlock the answer.



You cannot mark answers as "private" if answers to that question are set up to be pushed to a Slack channel.


Leave a private comment on someone else's Check-in

If you are viewing someone else's Check-in and want to leave a private comment to the person, their manager, or someone in their hierarchy, you can do so. This could be useful for dotted line managers and immediate managers to make private notes to themselves or for followers to leave private comments of encouragement to the person. 

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Click on the 'Everyone's Check-ins' tab.


3. A list of all individuals whose Check-ins you are able to view will appear. The individuals will be listed in chronological order based on the latest submission dates. 


4. Find the person whose Check-in you want to view and leave a private comment on. Click on their name. 


5. While viewing the Check-in, leave your comment.


6. Check the box to the left of "Private comment to..." to make the answer private. You can make the answer private to the person whose Check-in you're viewing, their manager, or anyone above them in the hierarchy.


7. Click Post comment.


8. Your comment will then look something like this.



Make a 1-on-1 agenda item private 

When you're filling in your 1-on-1 agenda, there may be talking points or action items that you want to remember to bring up, but don't want to share on the agenda itself. Think of these as little reminders to yourself. Expert tip: Managers can use private talking points or private notes to house their direct report's strengths or aspirational career vision.

1. Click 1-on-1s from the left navigation.


2. Find the 1-on-1 agenda that you want to add items to and click on the person's name.  


3. While viewing the 1-on-1 agenda, add your talking point, action item, or private notes.


4. Use the lock icon to the right of the item to make it private to you! The other person in the 1-on-1 will not be able to see your private item. 


5. Boom! This is how your private talking point will appear. 


Leave the talking point unchecked if you want it to appear on the next 1-on-1 too!


Give a private High Five

Some High Fives contain sensitive information—information that only you and the other person are aware of. Rather than publicly High Five the person, you think the High Five would mean more if given privately. That is a-okay! Here's how to give a private High Five from your Check-in. Private High Fives cannot be given from the High Five dashboard.

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. You'll land on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. Scroll to the bottom of your Check-in to the section titled "Give a High Five".


4. Write the High Five and then click Public to the right of the High Five to see the privacy options.


5. Select the Private High Five option.


6. Here's how your private High Five will appear.


7. The private High Five will be sent when you submit your Check-in.

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