Manage a question queue

If you are looking to add questions, deactivate questions, delete a question queue, or manage a queue's settings, this article will show you how.

Access a question queue

1. Click the Settings menu at the top right corner of 15Five.


2. Select "Check-in questions" from the dropdown.


3. Click on the type of question queue you'd like to access: either Company-wide, Groups, or Individuals.


4. If you're trying to access a group or individual question queue, search for the name of the group or individual in the search bar.


5. Scroll down to the "Question Queue" section.


Add, edit, or delete a question queue

Add a new queued question

1. Click the ... to the right of 'Question Queue' and select Create a new queued question from the dropdown.


2. Select the type of question you'd like to ask using the dropdown menu under 'Select a question type.' The question possible question types are: Text, Yes/No, Numerical, Rating scale, and Question bank.


Selecting Question bank will take you to a bank of research-backed questions created by 15Five. Read more about our Question bank in this article.

3. Set your desired question settings under Settings.

4. Click "Create new question."


5. Once the new question is added it will appear at the bottom of your question queue. To change where in the queue the question will appear, hover over it and drag it to the desired spot using the six dots.




New questions will be given a "shown by" date. The date given is either 1) your company's default due day or, if not available, 2) the question creator's due day or, if not available, 3) Friday as a last resort.

Edit a question in a queue

Edit your questions at any-time by clicking the ... to the right of the question and then selecting Edit question from the dropdown menu.




If you edit an active question (i.e. a question that appears in a current Check-in), submitted Check-ins will not reflect those edits. Only Check-ins in draft form will be updated with the new question.

Rearrange the questions in your queue

Re-order your question queue as needed by dragging and dropping your new question into the correct position using the six dots that appear when hovering over a question. The "shown by" date will automatically update once the question is moved.


Delete a question queue

To delete your queue, click the ... to the right of 'Question Queue' and select Delete from the dropdown menu.


Manage question queue settings

You can achieve the following from a question queue's settings page:

  • Pause the queue,
  • Set how frequently question queue questions are asked (weekly, every other week, or monthly),
  • Set how many questions are asked at a time (1-5), and
  • Choose to repeat or not repeat the questions after they have all cycled through by following the steps below.

Follow the steps below to manage those settings!

1. Click ... to the right of your queue and select Manage settings from the dropdown menu.


2. Select your desired options on the settings page and click Save.




Question frequency should be set based on your company's most common reporting period. If the majority of your company submits their Check-ins on a weekly basis, choose weekly. In this scenario, bi-weekly and monthly reporters will have multiple queued questions on their Check-in.

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