Download results of my review cycle

If you would like to view and analyze review data for your own reviews, you can download or print the results from within your review, once the results have been shared and finalized with you.

Download or print your final data

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the review cycle you wish to view. (You can also click on the three dots to the right of the cycle name, and then 'View review cycle'.)


3. In the 'My reviews' section, click the ... and then click View.


4. Once your results are shared and finalized, there will be a gear icon at the top right of the page, across from your name. Click the gear icon and then Print. You can save the review as a PDF by using the Download as a PDF function from your computer's print menu. 


5. You can also access the results of your reviews through the 'My results' tab.


6. After all your reviews have been submitted and your manager shares and finalizes the summary, the 'My results' page will display all results from the review cycle including a summary, questions & answers, and your competency assessment (if included in your cycle).


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