Nominate peers on behalf of my direct report(s)

Peer reviews are where one employee will be asked questions about another employee's development, which leads to increased performance, goal orientation, and the growth mindset! It is a win-win to recognize and be recognized. If during the review process, you as a manager need to help nominate peers for your direct report(s), this article will walk you through how to do that. 


Nominate peers for your team: process overview

  • Only your direct report(s) that are participants in the review cycle can have peer reviews written of them.
  • As a manager, it is likely that the first interaction you will have with your direct reports in a review cycle is during the peer nomination window. 
  • Peers can be nominated, by a reviewer or direct report, up until the cycle end date or until the review has been finalized- whichever comes first.
  • Peer nominations can be removed up until the peer accepts/declines the nomination. 
  • If you choose to nominate peers on your employee's behalf, they will automatically be approved by you and passed on to the peer for acceptance/denial. We recommend only nominating peers who work closely with your direct report(s).
  • Depending on the review settings, any peer nomination that has not been rejected/approved by the manager approval deadline will be auto-approved. To update this auto-approval setting a review admin can edit the settings, prior to the manager approval deadline.
  • You can monitor peer nominations for your team by clicking on the 'Peer nominations' tab for the cycle and then find the tab labeled 'My team'.


Nominate peers on behalf of your team

1. Click on 'Features' from the left navigation.


2. Click on 'Best-Self Review'.


3. Click on the name or the '...' and then 'View review cycle' of the cycle that needs to be managed. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


4. Click on the 'Peer nominations' tab.


5. Click on the 'My team' tab.


6. Find the participant you would like to add nominations for and click 'Add peer' to the far right of their name. 


You can also find a direct report using the search option.


7. A screen will pop up that allows you to add peers on your direct report's behalf. Peers that you nominate via this option are nominated and approved simultaneously. 


If your company has a max/min limit set up, you may be limited in the number of peers you can nominate for your direct report(s). In the above example, "You can nominate 1 more peer for this review."

8. Select the peer(s) and click the orange 'Confirm' button. 


9. After nominating a peer(s), the peer(s) will receive an email asking them to accept/decline the nomination. 

If a peer declines a nomination, the manager and the participant will both be notified and the peer chart shown below will show a 'Declined' peer status.

If a peer accepts a nomination, no notifications are sent out until the peer submits their peer review and the peer chart shown below will show an 'Accepted' peer status.

10. Use the dropdown arrow to get added insight into the person's peers, statuses, and other actions you can take as a manager.


11. Click the '...' option to the right of the peer nomination chart to Show/Hide removed nominations or Remove declined and denied. Remember, removing declined and denied nominations will delete the nominations that have been denied by you or declined by a peer. 


12. If time passes and the peer has not accepted/declined the nomination, feel free to send them a reminder email using the 'Nudge' button.

13. Once the peer has accepted the nomination, their peer status will update to 'Accepted'.

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