Pass up an answer

If you can view a Check-in, you can use the 'Pass it up' option to alert your manager of an item that needs further discussion. Followers, the manager, the hierarchy, and anyone who can view through group viewing settings can see a person's Check-in. The pass up feature makes it easier to remember and discuss important items you come across while viewing someone else's Check-in; as these items will appear on your own Check-in to discuss with your manager.

You can pass up an answer or a priority, and it will appear on your current Check-in . If you miss submitting a Check-in, the passed up answers will roll over to your next Check-in.

For example: Pam reports to Dwight. Dwight reports to Michael. As Dwight is viewing Pam's Check-in, he sees an answer that he wants to bring up with his manager (Michael), so he clicks the ... to the right of an answer and then the Pass it up option. Now Pam's answer will appear on Dwight's current Check-in and act as a reminder for Dwight and Michael to discuss. 

Pass up an answer

1. To pass up an answer, click on the ... to the right of a comment or answer.


2. Click Pass it up.


3. The pass up action will be noted on the direct report's Check-in for your eyes only. (From reviewer's perspective.) 


As the reviewer, you also have the ability to add a comment to the passed up answer. The reporter can see your comment.

The direct report will not see anything on their actual Check-in, but will receive a notification letting them know that their answer was passed up. (From direct report's perspective.)


4. Now, your Check-in will look something like this—passed up item is included as part of your Check-in. 


5. Click Show to see the passed up item.


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Even followers can pass up answers. The passed up answers will appear on the follower's Check-in to discuss with their manager. This can be used if a teammate you follow leaves an answer that you would like to talk with your manager about. If you do not submit your Check-in that week, the answer will show up on your next Check-in to be passed up to your manager, as the prior Check-in was not submitted to them. Also note, reporters will always be notified when one of their answers has been passed up.

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