Disable company-wide questions for my group

There are situations where you do not want members of a group(s) to see or answer company-wide questions. You can stop company-wide questions from appearing for a group of people by disabling the 'company-wide questions' setting. Keep reading to see how this is done. 



Only account administrators and the group administrator can edit a group. If the group does not have a group administrator, any reviewer or account administrator can edit.

Enable/disable company-wide questions for a group

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account and then click People.


2. Once on the 'People' page, click on the 'Manage groups' tab.


3. Find the group type that houses the group you need to edit and click on it. If you are not sure what group type the group is in, you can search for the group name or a keyword. 


4. Click into the group whose settings need to be adjusted.


5. Then click the gear icon and Edit group.


6. Once you are viewing the group whose settings need to be adjusted, toggle on or off the 'Company-wide questions' option.


7. Remember to save your changes! 




Let's say someone is in a group Sales and a group Leadership. 'Company-wide questions' is on for Sales, but off for Leadership. In this case, company-wide questions would be off for this person. Simply put, if even one group has company-wide questions off, then company-wide questions will be off for all members of that group.

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