15Five releases - August 1, 2018


The 15Five Lite app for Android is now in Beta

The 15Five Lite app for Android allows 15Five reviewers to have the most important conversations with their teams, wherever they are. With the app users can read, review and engage with their teams in 15Five while on-the-go.

360 Best-Self Review

Since launching 360 Best-Self Review we've been listening to your feedback and making improvements. Next month we'll be making some significant enhancements so stay tuned. 

Review cycle kick-off email
We've made some updates to the content and styling of the kick-off emails. These emails are now being sent based on the timezone set in your company settings to ensure your Best-Self Review cycle gets off on the right foot. 

Print reviews
There is a new and improved Print format available for Best-Self Reviews. You can now access an easily digestible format for your notes or records.


SCIM settings update



When SCIM is enabled, 15Five user profiles are automatically added and managed by an identity management system. Therefore, inviting people via 15Five directly was creating inconsistencies with reporting structure and data. To tackle this, we have added an option to limit the ability to invite team members in 15Five. This can be configured in your SCIM integration settings page.


Question Management


Question Queue

A small update with a big impact - you can now delete the active question in a Question Queue.

High Fives

You might have noticed a few changes to High Fives this month including updated email notifications and refreshed in-app education on how to use @mentions.




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