Remove a peer or upward answer from a participant's view

There are cases where you, as the review administrator, will want to remove a single answer or a couple of answers from a peer, upward, or manager review; whether the feedback be inappropriate, irrelevant, or not constructive. Managers also have this ability to varying degrees.

Depending on your review settings, managers and/or review administrators can remove an answer from a review, preventing the participant from seeing the verbatim feedback. Another option is to allow managers to send feedback to a review administrator to have it removed, rather than remove it on their own. These settings are managed in your global review settings page and were set before the cycle began. For more information on changing an active review cycle's settings, see this article.



If you remove an answer from a participant's view, the review writer will be notified via email that their feedback was removed. If you'd prefer for that email not to be sent out, any account administrator can disable that email in your company's notification settings. Simply scroll down to the Best-Self Review® notifications section and uncheck "Updates to review answers" under Activity updates.

If you want peer and upward reviews to be hidden in their entirety from the participant, we have that option too. Check out this article regarding hiding peer and/or upward reviews entirely. 

Remove an answer from a peer, upward, or manager review

1. Click on Best-Self Review® in the left navigation of 15Five.


2. Find the applicable cycle and click on the name. 


3. From the cycle 'Overview' tab, you will see a filter with options 'Me', 'My team', and 'Everyone'. If you do not have visibility through drill-down, you will not see 'Everyone'.


5. If you do not want to filter by your team or a specific person, you can scroll down to the Cycle Participants section of the page and continue to step 6. 

6. Scroll down to the Cycle Participants section of the page and click the '...' next to the employee whose peer or upward review you want to view, and then click 'View'.


7. Click on the Upward or Peer review tab, whichever applies.


8. Next to the answer that you would like to remove, click the '...' icon and choose whether you would 1- like to have an admin remove the answer, or 2- like to send the review back to the author for editing.

If you choose option 1, your review admin(s) will be notified of the flagged answer and can remove it.


If review settings allow, you will see a 'remove from shared results' option. Clicking this option will remove the answer without intervention from a review admin.


If you do not see these options, check the Review settings page here.



After a manager reports an answer to review admins, the review admins will receive an email and can choose to remove the answer from the review. If removed, the answer will still be visible to review admins only on the review itself. For example: Bob's answer on his peer review of Kathy was reported by Kathy's manager. The review admins choose to remove Bob's answer. The review admins can still see Bob's original answer on his peer review of Kathy, but the answer is only visible to the review admins. Bob's answer will not appear at all, for anyone, on the Summary page.

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