15Five releases - Nov 6, 2018


  • The 15Five Android app (Lite) is now in Beta
  • High Five Leaderboard
  • Filter the High Five feed by date
  • 'Goals & Accomplishments' are now 'Priorities'
  • 'Completed Objectives' are now 'Closed Objectives'
  • Allowing team members without a reviewer to fully participate in a Best-Self Review cycle
  • Removing answers from a submitted Best-Self Review


What's New


15Five Android app (Lite) is now in Beta

The 15Five Lite app allows you to:

  • Read and review 15Fives - 15Five is most successful when team leaders read and engage with 15Five reports each week. The 15Five Lite app makes it simple for managers and executives to stay up-to-date with their team's wins, challenges, goals, and the overall pulse of the organization.

  • Leave comments - Employee feedback is a two-way process. Managers can swiftly comment on answers directly in the app, re-align employees around company goals, and have important conversations on a regular basis so that small challenges don't fester into big problems.

  • Use @mentions - Responses to questions often involve more than one team member. Just @mention other stakeholders to loop them into the conversation and make collaborative decisions faster.

  • Pass-up answers - Managers can pass-up answers to their boss, providing top to bottom visibility around wins, challenges, and great ideas.

  • Add answers to 1-on-1s - Identify the most important topics surfaced in 15Fives and add them to your 1-on-1 agendas to have deeper conversations about them.

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The High Five Leaderboard 

As you all know (and hopefully love), the High Five Feed displays all peer recognition throughout your organization in one handy place. And now, we've added to the Leaderboard so you can see who gives the most high fives and whom the most appreciated team members are. 

NOTE: Admins can enable/disable the Leaderboard feature from the High Five settings. For a step by step walkthrough on this process, click here




Filtering High Fives

With the addition of the High Five Leaderboard, we realized that the High Five feed was biased towards team members who have been with your company the longest. So... we added new filters to the feed allowing you to filter High Fives, your stats, and the leaderboard by:

  • Groups
  • All time periods
  • Last month 
  • Last 3 months
  • Last year

 For more information on filtering High Fives, click here


'Goals & Accomplishments' are now 'Priorities'

We encourage employees to start every week with three tasks they want to accomplish. Research shows that due to planning fallacy, a concept presented by famed psychologist Daniel Kahneman, we are astonishingly inept at estimating how long it will take to complete tasks in a given day or week. In other words, nobody ever achieves as much as they plan to. Morten Hansen, a professor at UC Berkeley and INSEAD has an answer to this predicament: do less and obsess.

To maximize time and performance, employees should prioritize and select a few activities to focus on. From the 15Five Check-in, team members are encouraged to set three priorities at the beginning of every week. The fresh start effect also shows that the best time to prioritize is Monday, so a general rule of thumb is to open your 15Five at the start of every week and identify the priorities you want to focus on over the next five days.

For more information on the Priorities feature, click here



'Completed Objectives' are now 'Closed Objectives'

We have replaced the action to mark an objective as "Complete" with a 'Close objective' option. This change should remove the ambiguity of what "complete" means. To some, complete was when the deadline passed and to others an objective could only be complete if they reached 100%. 

To avoid confusion, when an objective is finished (either by deadline or by desired completion) the owner can close, rate, and reflect on how they performed against the objective.

For more information on closing objectives, click here


Allowing team members without a reviewer to fully participate in a Best-self review

Team members without a reviewer can now participate in a review cycle by: 

  • Completing their self-review
  • Nominate peers
  • Approve peers for their team (if managing direct reports)
  • Complete peer reviews (if nominated)
  • Complete manager reviews for their team (if manager)
  • Receive an upward review from their team 

For more information on adding a participant to a review cycle, click here


Removing answers from a Best-self review

We encourage all Best-Self review answers to be shared with employees but this might not always be appropriate.

Currently, we allow review admins to remove peer, upward, and managers answers from reviews. And now it's possible to configure Best-self reviews so that managers can also remove answers before reviews are shared. This can be configured by a Review Admin in the Best-self review settings page under Release peer and upward feedback.

For more information on how to remove answers from reviews, see these articles. 

Remove as a manager

Remove as a review admin

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