15Five Releases - Jan 3, 2019

Collaborative Objectives

Many hands make light work. Which is true for some Objectives too!

You may need to delegate a task or track someone else's contribution to your goal to clearly identify areas of responsibility. Now with 15Five, you can assign your Objectives' key results to other people. 

Assigning key results to others can be done during the objective creation process, or from the edit objective page (using the Objectives tab). 


Visibility of collaborative objectives:

You will only see objectives that you own or objectives whose key result(s) you own from your 15Five. Just because you can see an objective or key result on your 15Five, does not mean you will be able to update it. 

You will be able to see all objectives (with the exception of private objectives) from the Objectives tab. Just because you can see all objectives and key results on this page, does not mean you will be able to update them.

Ability to update key results will depend on your role in 15Five. See the articles below for more detail. 


For more information on collaborative objectives, see these articles: 

Who can update key results and for whom can they update?

Assign key results to others

Update the status of a key result





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