Update a key result

There are two places to update the status of a key result: from your Check-in and from the Objectives page. You will only see objectives that you own or objectives whose key results you own from your Check-in. You will be able to see all objectives (with the exception of private objectives) from the Objectives page. Just because you can see an objective or key result on your Check-in or from the Objectives page, does not mean you will be able to update them.

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Update a key result from your Check-in

1. Click on Check-ins from the left navigation. 


2. Ensure you're on the 'My Check-ins' page.


3. Go into the Check-in you need to edit by clicking View my history. Your history page shows all Check-ins, past and current.


4. Find and open the Check-in that you want to fill out.

5. Once you're viewing the Check-in that needs to be submitted and contains the key result that needs to be updated, find the 'Objectives' section on your Check-in. 


6. You will be able to see all key results related to the objective in question, even the ones not assigned to you. To see who can update whose key results, see this article


7. Update your key result(s). The objective's progress will update as you update your key results, even if you have not yet submitted your Check-in.

8. Click Submit (when you're ready)!




Edits made to key results from your Check-in will not take effect until you submit your Check-in. If you want to make a change that will go live immediately, please make that change from within the 'Objectives' page by following the steps below.

Update a key result from the 'Objectives' page

From the 'Objectives' page you can:

  • Update your status, 'On track', 'Behind', 'At risk'
  • Update your progress on key results
  • Comment in the Objective 'Activity feed'
  • View the parent objective (if aligned)
  • Add additional key results
  • Assign key results to owners

1. Click on Objectives from the left navigation.


2. You will land on the 'All objectives' page.


3. Click on the objective whose key result you want to update.


4. Update the progress of your key result by clicking into the current value field and changing the value.


5. Tab or click off of the above field and the objective's progress will update accordingly.


6. Carry on with the rest of your day! 

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