15Five Releases - Feb 5, 2019

Editing Key Results 

Objectives should be flexible enough that you can freely adjust, revise, or even abandon what you're doing as your work evolves and as your priorities change. Research from Kuvass, Buch & Dysvik, all academics in the field of organizational psychology, demonstrated a link between lower work performance and people seeing their goals as unmovable and non-negotiable.

That's one of the reasons why we've made key results more flexible! Now, when editing your objectives in 15Five you are able to change your key result metric type (e.g. % to $) and also adjust your start and target metrics. 

It's important to note that updating your key result metrics may affect the overall percentage progress that you've already recorded for this objective, and any parent objectives that are linked. 

For more information on updating your key results, see this article:

Edit a key result 


Customized Fields for CSV Downloads

When exporting a CSV in 15Five, you can now select additional data to include in the downloaded report. Once fields have been selected for download, the preferences will be saved for future downloads. This new functionality applies across Pulse, Trends, BSR reports, and anywhere else that you can download a CSV.

Here's what you can include as optional data in your CSV download:

  • Employee email
  • Employee ID
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Due day
  • Reporting frequency
  • Active groups
  • Strengths
  • Manager email 




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