15Five Releases - Feb 14, 2019

Request to Edit 15Five 

Submitted your 15Five, but realized you forgot to mention something? Spelled your manager's name wrong? No need to worry, you can just edit your 15Five. The only problem is.... someone has either commented or reviewed your 15Five, and now there's no edit button. 😬

Those days are gone! We're introducing 'Request to Edit' directly in 15Five. If your 15Five has already been reviewed and you need to make edits, click on the “Request to Edit” button on your 15Five. 15Five will send an email and in-app notification to your manager, asking for permission to edit your 15Five.

From either the email or in-app notification your manager can approve your request in just a couple of clicks. Phew! Time to fix that embarrassing spelling error. How did you think 'Susan' was spelled 'Bob' anyway?

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Objectives Overview

Visibility and understanding your company’s objectives is vital. We've made some improvements to the Objectives Overview page that will help.

  • First, we've updated how you view people and departments with objectives. You can quickly scan the charts to see the percentage with or without objectives. This works great for companies with a large number of people and/or departments.

  • Next up, we've added the ability to download each of the charts in a CSV format. This is ideal for when you need to dive into the details and understand what's happening. 
  • Are private objectives causing you problems?!? We heard you; we've fixed up the Objectives Overview page to include private objectives. They'll be included in all charts, but may or may not be included in the CSV reports. Whether or not a private objective appears in the CSV download will depend on your visibility settings.
  • Finally, we've added helpful tooltips right beside the titles of each chart. Those little, grey question mark icons hold some useful pieces of information and will help you understand the calculations behind each chart. 

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Custom Reports Preview

We know you love your custom reports, but sometimes they contain too much data for one browser to handle. We've had reports of timeouts and other problems when trying to download large custom reports.

Great news! We’ve made some major improvements for larger reports. We will generate a ‘Preview’ of the report in real-time, so this means no more timeouts and quicker results.

This not only means zero timeouts, but also the report will be generated and displayed faster.

Need to see all the details from that report? No problem, you can download the full report as a CSV.


To learn more about all things Custom Reports, see this article:

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