15Five Releases - Feb 21, 2019

Sharing and Finalizing Reviews

Review cycles are an exciting time for growth. As a manager, these reviews are vital in supporting your direct reports by providing feedback and insights. The key to the Best-Self Reviews is the summary/final review meeting where the manager and reporter get a chance to go through all the answers and data collected in the reviews. 

Sometimes managers want the ability to share all answers with their direct reports before the final meeting is officially held. The only problem, until now, was how to share the results without finalizing the review and without holding the final meeting? Fret no more folks; we've got some great news!

Introducing "Sharing and Finalizing Reviews". Now, as a manager, you can "Share results" after all the reviews are complete. This option allows managers to share all the answers from the reviews, but keep the summary open for post-meeting editing. Share the results, hold the final meeting, and then finalize the review after you have completed the summary.

Managers can edit the summary of answers both during and after the final review meeting. That also includes the private manager assessment. Once you're all done with the summary, you can finalize the review to complete the cycle.

Don’t want to share the results before the meeting? No problem. We've got you covered. You can "Share results and finalize review" all in one.

To learn more about summaries for your team, see this article:

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